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Craig Rayburn is a gifted songwriter and an incredible heartfelt vocalist. His music is woven from the rich fabric of the West: an eclectic mosaic of California folk-rock, cowboy and Americana.

Back to CaliforniaThe Rayburn Brothers Band new album, "Back to California" is a compelling collection of songs ranging from the honest portrayal of long-term relationships in "Go Down Easy" to the hopeful, upbeat "Back To California". "Ordinary Love" tells of finding extraordinary love, while "Lonely Train" speaks of love lost. "Te Propongo" and "Hole In My Heart" mix Spanish and English lyrics in a way that reflects the brother's California heritage.

The entire collection of songs is infused with elements of rock, folk, country, reggae and jazzy blues that channel the musical influences the brothers gained growing up in the Golden State. All songs feature the effortless blood harmony of Craig and Keith, augmented by the dulcet voice of Eliza James that give the vocals texture and intimacy. Long time lead guitar player Nick Heinz adds fluid guitar lines evoking classic rock greats, while the driving drum beat is provided by local legend Jim Norris. Dick Tacklind provides sturdy basslines, and keyboard player Kevin Taylor weaves in and out of the songs with grace and harmony.

This powerful and moving CD is full of surprises and unexpected twists. Eliciting comparisons to bands such as The Eagles, Neil Young, Los Lobos and Jackson.

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Coyote CDHave a listen to "Coyote", Craig's first album, with brother Keith providing harmonies and tasty slide licks, lyrics are available , and be sure to buy a copy from CD Baby or download from iTunes.

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