Craig Rayburn is a well-seasoned musician, having played guitar and written songs for over three decades. His long musical career has served him well in the formation of his unique and varied style. Whether one calls him an Americana artist, a rocker or simply a singer-songwriter, all would be true. His rich voice will captivate you with his songs of love, longing, loss and life. The depth of his voice and the breath of human emotion covered are far-ranging. Rayburn’s powerful vocals strike right at your heart and compel your attention.

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Rayburn and band, played bars, clubs, and whatever else they could wrangle in the late 70’s. Early on in his career, Rayburn toured throughout the western USA on the club circuit with his band. Based in Santa Cruz, he played nearly every musical venue in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay in the 80’s and 90’s, making it on to a record Kevin Kraft produced, “The Best of the Monterey Bay”. Recently, urged on by friends and fans, Craig has produced and recorded his solo debut album, “Coyote”, with the help of award-winning singer songwriter Keith Greeninger.Coyote CD

Rayburn along with producers Keith Greeninger and Tim Prince created a masterful collection of Rayburn’s originals. This record showcases Rayburn’s diversity, including folk-rock, country, ballads and Americana. Joining him on this collaboration is talent Jim Norris with amazing “right on” drumming, Paul Olguin with his driving bass, the rich melodies of Keith Greeninger and Tamala Brown, multi-instrumentalist Dayan Kai, pianist extraordinaire, John R, fiddling pro Chojo Jacques, hot licks by guitarist Randy Mitchell, lush organ by Gianni Staino and stellar dobro and slide leads by brother Keith Rayburn.



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Cold in the Canyon (clip)

Probably (clip)

Someone to Love (clip)

Stainless Steel (clip)

Time Waits (complete song)


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"Coyote" can be found at CD Baby or on iTunes.