With Coyote, Craig Rayburn has created a deep and comprehensive homage to classic country music. Setting out to create an album that is reflective of American folk and rock, the touching nostalgia will resonate with country music fans who truly admire the roots of where the genre has stemmed from.

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Rukshan Thenuwara – Contributor
July 10, 2009

Craig Rayburn

"Coyote" number 59 on CALIFORNIA: ROOTS RADIO AIRPLAY CHART for the week Ending 06/20/09.

Reviews by Carey at Cruzio gives Craig a 5 star rating.
"If you enjoy singer/songwriters, you owe it to yourself to hear Craig Rayburn. He's been one of my favorites for a very long time. His debut solo CD, Coyote, belongs in your collection. "

CD reviews from Tree House Concerts and from AltCountryNL.

"His new release, titled 'Coyote', is Rayburn's first, featuring a rough-hewn folk rock sound that evokes the wild vistas of the West" 
Wallace Bain, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"This local folk cowboy's majestic voice is a reminder of the rugged beauty of the mountains" 
Good Times Santa Cruz

“Has the expansiveness of the west and the desert. Craig is a cross between Jackson Brown and Lowell George,”
Keith Greeninger, singer-songwriter.

“Craig and his songs are woven from the rich fabric of the West. An incredible mosaic of cowboy, California folk, Mexican and 60’s rock in an unique debut album. Like the Coyote in his song, Craig boldly sits at the edge of the city lights and comments on life in the West before slipping back into the desert canyons before dawn.”
John Siletto, advisor, producer.

“Full-bodied, robust with a hint of pepper.”
Beth Karamitsos, long-time friend and fan.

“Magical journey with a poet.”
Laura Cohen, devoted friend and fan.

“Beautiful in a way that’s not refined. Raw, powerful, majestic. What I like is Craig’s voice comes through, reminding me of the rugged beauty of the mountains.”
Mysterious stranger.

“Listening to Craig sing is like spending the day with your best friend.”
George Karamitsos, best friend.

“Greg Brown meets Neil Young,”
Tim Prince, producer.

Craig Rayburn“Craig Rayburn is a gifted songwriter: multi-talented musician, and a incredible heartfelt vocalist. Craig Rayburn writes well crafted songs weaving masterminded chord progressive cadences, with understandable lyrics relayed by exceptional melodies rich in harmony. Craig Rayburn's powerful vocals are soulful, heartfelt, electrifying.... invoking the hair on this listeners arms and back of neck to stand up.”
Todd Davis, drummer

“Thoughtful, creative, moving...Rayburn sings with his heart and soul.”
Dana Rothrock, long-time fan.